Circle of Content founder, Susan Boyer has 20+ years’ brand storytelling experience.

Founder Susan Boyer has 20+ years’ experience in marketing and communications for clients that include In-N-Out Burger, Jamba Juice, O’Reilly Media, Lasseter Family Winery, Bacardi/Animari Films, Roadside Attractions, Bloodhound, Riverwalk Jazz, Gelson’s Supermarkets, Herbalife and many more (see Clients page). Susan’s most recent project involved co-authoring a book about inflammation called “Healing the Human Planet” by Dr. Luigi Gratton. Read the introduction and first chapter here: HHP Intro Chap 1 SJBoyer.

Her long career in marketing and communications, coupled with extensive screenwriting  and filmmaking experience, make Boyer an unparalleled brand storyteller who has developed the revolutionary  Happily Ever After tm brand storytelling model.

Remember, facts and product attributes do not tell a compelling brand story!

“I love helping my clients break out of their reliance on dry facts and product attributes to discover their powerful and unique brand stories,” says Boyer, “which creates a much more solid foundation for long-term success.”

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